Plymouth Twp Watch Dog
The Truth
Barking Back

How do we get the newspaper to report the truth? YOU DON'T!

The primary responsibility of local newspapers is to hold accountable our local government and other institutions of power, money and influence. When the reporting is being controlled and the truth is not reported then the residents will not know what is happening and who is misdirecting their community at their expense.

Because this has been the case for over 8 years now the DOG questions why the Observer reports not the truths but what certain officials want published. If you don’t think this is happening then stay tuned for an update and more specific examples.

We all thought things were changing when a new reporter was assigned to cover Plymouth Township. When this was announced the DOG heard that Ron Edwards was stomping around his office making threats that if they move Brad Kadrich from Covering Plymouth Township he will cancel all the notices that have to be placed in the paper. Now why would this upset Ronnie so much?

In the past when people approached this reporter with information his response was “There’s no story” when in fact there was a story. Now I am told that all stories have to be OK’d by none other than Brad Kadrich! 

It is so bad the present reporter, Matt Jachman told the DOG he wasn’t even aware that Treasurer Edwards had a sexual harassment suit against him that had to be settled by none other than taxpayer money. 

In fact Edwards has been  responsible for many lawsuits against the Township and the paper DOES NOT REPORT IT!

HOW ABOUT THIS Matt Jachman. Write a detailed article on all of the lawsuits against the Township of Plymouth in the last 8-10 years including the amounts it cost to settle these suits! Or does Brad have you on his short leash now? You might want to ask Brad about his "loans".

Remember “There is a story”