Plymouth Twp Watch Dog
The Truth
Barking Back

Distinguishing Between Statements of Fact and Opinion

There is an open invitation to any member of the Board of Trustees of the Township of Plymouth to offer an explanation or their views on this or any other subject that comes to light. We would also like to give an invitation to the police & fire personnel and especially any resident, citizen, business owner and taxpayer of the community.

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!

YES!!!! Goodbye Good Riddance!

This is one proud DOG!

Congrats to the winners. It is your turn to correct everything so please don’t let us down.


Evidently the people spoke! They were sick and tired of the corruptness.

Let’s look at Ron Edwards career at Plymouth Township.

Ron Edwards did not pay his water bills for years but collected yours!
Ron Edwards has had two sexual harassment suits against him that resulted in large settlements against the township!
Ron Edwards has assaulted the clerk.
Ron Edwards has threatened the fire and police if they speak out against him.
Ron Edwards has extorted money from local businesses and vendors.
Ron Edwards has collected money from a township event and then pocketed it.
Ron Edwards has been totally responsible for close to $1.5 million dollars in legal bills and settlements.
Ron Edwards calls 911 about too much traffic at the fireworks for his friends.

Leaders in other communities have referred to him as having a "bizarre behavior and bizarre lack of communication"

It was time to leave!

FIX  FIX  Fix  fix

Does it ever end?

Better than a  Recall! Cheaper too.

Please have someone convince Reaume to make room in his car for 3 more idiots.

Damaged done. What an ineffective bumbling idiot that leached the taxpayers out of their community. Good riddance to part of the corruption. One down 3 to go!  

Now is the time (AGAIN!) to get sweep the township board of its Schizophrenics, Drunks, and Corrupt Mental Misfit$ that can’t function in the real world.
To ignore these people is to give them free reign to continue to destroy your community.   They keep trying!

So Vote for the RECALL


Any similarities?


Dick, Dick, Dick.

Dickey Reaume doesn’t disappoint!

You really need to have a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation done at your earliest convenience before you hurt yourself.

 You are an embarrassment to yourself and to the township.

Lets hope Ms. White files charges against you. That could be your excuse to leave office.

Haven’t you learned yet not to do everything Ronnie orders you to do?

The time is here! Your decision!


Mr. Bizarre Behavior! 
  at it again AGAIN!

Calling 911 for slow traffic? Edwards should be arrested and charged! What a moronic ASS! When is enough enough of this metal misfit? Maybe when he physically hurts someone?

Another PROUD MOMENT for Plymouth Township!

Lack of Leadership – Lack of Qualified and Quality People

Gee is it all coming true now?
Are YOU Concerned yet?

Remember. Where did all the money go? No audits allowed. Has it curbed spending by certain elected persons? Exactly what are they buying on those credit cards. How are they hiding the full amounts and getting around their spending caps? It will surprise you when you find out!

For the Community of Plymouth Township to succeed they need to sweep the leaches from office. Until these morons are out there will not be any control in the township, only out of control. There are two mentally incompetent people that is causing more harm every day to the township, Ron Edwards and Richard Reaume.

It's hard to do this now. But there is a money situation,” said Treasurer Ron Edwards.
 What about the salary reduction that was promised by Edwards & Reaume?

Mr. Bizarre Behavior
Gee just how much did Ron Edwards cost Plymouth Township in settlements legal bills and hush money payouts? More than the shortfall? How about over $1,000,000 single handedly!
       Let the Patch or the Observer report this final figure.
(Maybe it's 1.5 Mil now. How would you know? Would Ron tell you? Would the newspaper tell you?)

His Bizarre Behavior included sexually harassing female employees! Does this bother anyone? Charges Filed, Legal Bills Paid, Settlements Distributed. (and did you ever know?)  He has assaulted the clerk. He has threatened the fire and police if they speak out against him (or pull him over for speeding) he got out from paying his own water bill while collecting yours.  Money has been Extorted from local businesses and vendors, He collected money from a township event and pocketed the money...and the list just goes on and on.  Mr. Bizarre with no accountabilty

 Now we have Reaume who really is mentally unstable and without any leadership skills tearing down the township.  Now does this sound like the someone you know: a mental state of high arousal caused by anxiety, fear, panic, surprise and/or confusion, or substance abuse.

Why listen to the Dog? Go check it out for yourself.

Your Options from the man that has the "bizarre behavior and bizarre lack of communication,"


It has come to my attention that Ron Edwards finally found a way to continue to gouge the township citizens.

1. Pay the 40% increase on the water (this was his little slush fund used for raises. Check it out for yourself folks). Oh yea what ever happened to the reduction of his & Dicky's salaries?

2. When you can’t afford to flush your toilets any longer go purchase a permit from him to install your own outhouse in your back yard.

3. And now he is going to be requiring all residents install  mandatory pay toilets in their home.

Remember this is the guy that collects YOUR money but forgot to pay his own water bill for 15 years! And got away with it.

Edwards also said Bridgman bounced a property tax check to the township in 2009, something Bridgman initially denied. 

Ron, People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

CAN WE SAY Bounce Ron?

You are an unethical hypocritical liar that is an embarrassment to the community

The township is still stuck with Ron & his:

"bizarre behavior and bizarre lack of communication,"

WDIV. WOW! Big Time!

Did they get it wrong also Ron?  

Time to vacate not vacation. It finally caught up with you Ron.

Another good teaching  moment for your kids.

Click here for the real story

"The essence of government is power; and power, lodged as it must be in human hands, will ever be liable to abuse."  (James Madison)

Richard. The DOG hears you took advantage of this situation to hire your unemployed neighbor and did not post the job. Do you really think you are above the rules and procedure in place? What criteria did you use for this hire? More cronyism? You have sent the township into a tailspin, you have considerably reduced the safety of this community with your deceptions and unskilled antics. Absolutely positively NO LEADERSHIP or any skills that would even lean that way. More failure from King Richard or was this originally the cowardly lion? What’s you gonna do about Ron you Mi$fit?    

Where is the Supervisor in this mess? Leadership? Where is the control of the situation? (Where are the comments from the Supervisor Observer?) Poor Richard he must be completely lost right now without his puppeteer. Who would answer questions for Richard if Ron left town? Think about it. Another Mi$fit that must leave! Now take the the rest of the self serving board with you. 

“I never had a job offer because I never saw anything in writing,” Edwards said. “I didn’t get the guarantees I wanted, so it wasn’t an offer.”

Fouts disputed that Edwards had sought anything in writing. “With all due respect to him, that’s not true,” Fouts said.  (Observer)

GEE! Does Ron Edwards really have a bizarre behavior? Does he lie? Thank goodness that Warren found out before it was too late. Too bad for Plymouth Township. (Come on Ron teach those kids to Lie & Cheat). Time is up Kwame Ron. Pay the township back!
Anybody wonder why Ronnie is skipping town? Do you think there could be the "Dropping of the other Shoe"? Just you wait because the DOG called this a long time ago. Residents should have gotten involved in the Concerned Citizen group. People start opening your eyes! Think of it as your local municipal Tea Party.

Finally a true journalist! Pay attention Observer. You need to sweep the so called lame self serving reporters you have out.  They do not report the story but only what they want you to know. Shameful! Were any of them in the pocket of certain elected persons? Maybe everyone should ask these reporters & so called editors if they received money from any township official. Ever?

Click on below for The Rest of the Story!

Prosecutor to decide on Plymouth Twp. charges

Finally a fitting place.

And do not pull these flowers out you Mi$fit.

Another proud moment for your family RON!

Could Stevie be next in this mess? There certainly is room in this DOG house for him.


Trouble RON?

A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. (& go to school on the Twp's. dime).
Boy does this sound familiar?  Edwards? Reaume? Mann?  (Sponges and leaches do come to mind.)
Isn't it time to reduce your salaries retroactive back to a year ago Dicky & Ronnie?

Ron what makes you think that the City of Warren would want you? They swept their community clean when Steenberg was ousted. Why would they want another liability that would cause more sexual harassment suits and other litigation in their community?
If you leave Ron will you be reimbursing the township for the reduction in your salary, legal billings caused by your actions, and the settlements regarding the same?


Gosh and how was the supervisor handling this situation? He has to be completely confused since the Treasurer was busy beating up the Clerk he couldn't receive his instruction of what to do or say.

What a JOKE.  A complete bunch of Mi$fits.



Well Observer & Matt Jackass where the hell are you now? You have become nothing but an opinioned and self serving journalist. Your paper deserves to go bankrupt. Go cover a marshmallow roast since it is the only style of journalism you & your paper are willing to handle.

How about a series of articles to inform the residents of each and every lawsuit, what it was caused by, how much was spent on legal bills, and how much was spent on settlements. Why would the Observer ignore sexual harassment suits against an elected official? Why is a good question! 

We are now adding violence to the list of:

Accusations of Theft
Drugs (meds?)
Screwing of the residents
Elimination of fire protection
Elimination of police protection (are you going to reimburse the residents on the millage money they have been paying to cover this fire & police protection?)
Ron Edwards himself has caused well over a Million Dollars in lawsuits, settlements and legal fees. $1,345,349+++. Gee this was well spent. NOW why wouldn't Ron Edwards have to reimburse Plymouth Township for actions he caused? Our own little Kwame. 

Ronnie; your wife and kids must be very proud of you. Is this the moral and ethical standards you instill in them? Sexual Harassment? Vindictive behavior? Violence? Threats? Shakedowns of businesses. Are you teaching them to lie, cheat, steal & bully?

Time to step down Ron and get some mental counseling.  You need to go!

Oh and where the hell is the REDUCTION in your salary? Another lie to cover your ass? The township cannot afford you any longer.

What ever happened to your motto "Term Limitations for Local Politicians (No Longer a Career)".

You have burned up too much taxpayer money on your self serving antics.   

Stevie; you have been very quiet lately. I had a call from an ex-Einstein bagel girl that seemed to know you very very well. She had a lot to say but we can cover that another time soon. Ethical? We think not. You should really resign and stay away from Plymouth Township. You have caused too much of what is going on with your unskilled, inaptness and corruptness.

You bet you should be concerned. You should really be concerned why the local newspaper chooses NOT to report what is really happening in your township.  


Did Steve Mann and Ron Edwards approach Joe Bridgeman to convince him to drop out of the race for Plymouth Township Clerk?

Were Steve Mann’s intentions to “Fix” the elections with his own handpicked candidate, Mary Ann Prchlik at the expense of the residents and taxpayers of Plymouth Township?

Did Steve Mann offer Joe Bridge anything of value to pull out of the election?

What was the value offered by Mann? Where did this compensation originate from? Was this “Offer” in anyway tied to taxpayer supplied money? 

Were Ron Edwards’ intentions to “Fix” the elections with his own handpicked candidate, Mary Ann Prchlik at the expense of the residents and taxpayers of Plymouth Township?

Did Ron Edwards offer Joe Bridge anything of value to pull out of the election?

What was the value offered by Edwards? Where did this compensation originate from? Was this “Offer” in anyway tied to taxpayer supplied money? 

Was this a just a total coincidence that Mann and Edwards’ handpicked candidate is married to none other than Daniel Herriman.  Isn’t he the same person that voted for a 30% raise in salaries for Eddie & Dick while on the Compensation Commission? (Yes 30% raise folks!)  Isn’t he the same one that had to have the special consideration (against the local resident wishes) granted for building his huge building in a residential area. I am sure that he and his wife haven’t made any campaign contributions to Ron Edwards. Have they Ron? 

Where is the newspaper on this? Covering a marshmallow roast somewhere?

Now…Hats off to Bridgeman for standing his ground and not buckling under from these two power hungry idiots. This explains the public display of harassment the two of them directed towards Bridgeman. (Check out old board meetings). 

Someone should really check with the law firm of Miller Canfield to see if Steve Mann might have broke any laws, legal or at least ethical. As an officer of the court I would suspect he did violate the ethical portion. I would recommend to the residents that they all call a law firm and ask this simple question. Maybe ask Mike Cox, Michigan Attorney General.

For Reference Only:
Miller Canfield
Principal and CEO
Michael W. Hartmann

Bill SchuetteMichigan Department of Attorney General
Main Number (517) 373-1110

Gosh I hope Mann doesn't say he Sent Bill Clinton to do this misdeed!

What are the similarities between this person and Plymouth Township? Would anyone like to guess? 

The Obama administration may have broken the law by offering Rep. Joe Sestack (D-Pa.) a job in order to persuade him not to mount a primary challenge against Sen. Arlen Specter. (Gee look what happened to Specter.)

Gee would this be against the law in Michigan or just unethical? Ever wonder who pays for these offers made?  Where the money comes from?  Would this be something that a lawyer could or should be disbarred if involved regardless if Michigan has a state law prohibiting such practice? 

Twp. Money?
Oh my!

Daniel Herriman + Mary Ann Prchlik

Anybody want to make one guess?

Stevie, Ronnie; was this to benefit the taxpayers & residents?

                          SHAME ON BOTH OF YOU!

Where are you now Bobo? Good elected leaders? Corrupt Cesspools? Corruption-free?
                 Kinda brings a tear to your eye don’t it Bob.

Corrupt Cesspools

Just think if we had had someone in office with a little common sense and experience and didn’t build the Mann palace. Nice Decision Stevie…Not.  Amateur hour again! 
Just how much has Mann's arrogance and inexperience cost the residents?

How much has Ron Edwards’ lawsuits including (sexual harassment) cost the residents?
Gee if Kwame has to pay back the City of Detroit why wouldn’t Ron Edwards have to pay back the Township of Plymouth? Legal fees? Settlement fees?

"Shazam!", "Gaaw-aawl-ly" "Surprise, surprise, surprise!".

"You want me to take a what?"

"Sacrifice? Me? I am Plymouth Township!"

"We were only kidding about us taking a reduction!"

"Screw the people! Screw the employees! Screw the Residents!"

"The residents don’t know & won’t know. The Observer won’t report the truth anyways!"

"We are the township!"

“Edwards said he and Reaume would accept concessions of their own proportional to what police officers and firefighters accept”. (Observer)

Come on Observer! Hold them to this quote.

Is this to mean that he is going to lay himself and Richard off following the layoff of three firefighters? If only they kept their word! The DOG says sweep the dirt out of the office.     Remember; “No longer a career politician”.

Are you concerned yet? You certainly should be! Take an interest in your local community and your local government. The corruption is not just in Washington it’s also in your back yard. Are you all waiting for someone else to do it? Do what? Do you know what is going on? The DOG thinks not. Will you wait until the TAX increases are announced? How about when your house is burning? How about when you have an emergency? Who are you going to call? Reaume? Good Luck!

How about we spice it up a bit and the DOG starts exposing the Corruption of Steve Mann and Ron Edwards? Want Truth? You got Truth! Can and will the RAG of a newspaper really ignore the truth? Probably? Stay tuned Ron & Steve. This ought to be interesting now.

Is there an editor from the Observer that “borrowed” money from any elected board member(s)? The DOG hears yes on this from several sources. The word of the day is Objective.

Remember this posting folks:

What also was heard by many people was Supervisor Reaume making the threat to the fire department “I’ll get you back” in reference to the fire fighters support of candidate Gonzalez running for office.


Wake up people! It is starting. TAXES! Wait & see. The DOG hears the drum roll!

In reference to the Observer 12-17-09 & In your voice

Well Bobo you need to quit drooling all over yourself cause you are causing a mess on your shirt again.

You used the right words in the paper however you are not using them in the right context.

Good elected leaders
Corrupt cesspools
And guess what you dimwit this isn’t Singapore, it is Plymouth Township, Michigan unless you are applying corrupt cesspools to the description of our mental mi$fit$!

Oh Bobo and is it true YOU work for a foreign owned corporation?
You are a hypocrite!

Are you also telling us that Reaume & Edwards are not failures in the private sector? Would you hire them? Well Bobo would you? After the next election you might have to.

Guess what Bobo. Almost the entire board would be fired in the private sector. Maybe your forte is slamming and embarrassing seniors at the board meetings.

Lord Acton (1834 - 1902) so aptly charged, "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Unbeknownst to you and your colleagues, "Mr. Power " has had his way with all of you, and we are all the worse for it.,

“We're just going to have to work harder and get paid less,” Treasurer Ron Edwards said in introducing a 2010 general-fund budget of just over $13.25 million at Tuesday's Board of Trustees meeting.

We're just going to have to work harder?. Ron is there a mouse in your pocket or is that Richard's gerbil uhh I mean muskrat? The DOG thinks more like your hand in OUR pockets. Maybe you could ask the employees politely to donate their time completely so you and Richard can keep more money yourselves. Leaders you’re not. Leaches definitely! Failures for sure. Haven’t you sucked enough money out Mr. “No longer a career politician”? 

” Edwards told Bridgman, adding that during difficult economic times elected officials can't ask employees for sacrifices they're not willing to make themselves. Eddie you are an idiot! You didn't take a raise you voted to yourself and you think you are sacrificing what?

Bridgeman: I thought you were going to ask Obama next if you can keep your allowance?

“These times are dire and we need to give back,” Mann said.

Holy DOG! Does this mean Steve Mann is really giving back the taxpayer money he took while he attended law school for four years instead of supervising? Or would it mean he is going to pay for the Mann Palace? Mi$fit.

Let's discuss necessary expenditures during these dire times. Or would the topic be irresponsible credit card usage?
Is this what Eddie was referring to with his old campaign comments about “Government Credit Cards”.?

ClickCLICK Here


Let’s have some accurate reporting when talking about Compensation

Click Here & take a look

Ref: Plymouth Observer AGAIN

The supervisor is costing the township taxpayers approximately $130,000 not the “nearly $94,000” that was reported. Put down the accurate figures of what the actual cost are. Is this just another way to avoid telling the taxpayers what they are really paying for? Is this just like the comments about the water rate hike? "Gee the public is stupid they will believe what ever we tell them" 

It is time to quit running the township as their own little kingdom and start taking responsibility and be accountable to the taxpayers. What the hell is wrong with operating like a successful company with sound fiscal practices? Has anybody ever noticed that it is easy to spend money that does not belong to you? This is exactly what has happened.


OK what is the DOG missing here? 13 years! Now according to the attorney representing the township there were no accounting records in the past or was there even an event put on by the Township of Plymouth.

The treasurer can take this proclamation with him to the IRS office, and the other three letter government institutions that may be interested in this topic.

Where are the records of the accounting of this event for 13 years? We are talking about an individual supposedly trained in accounting aren’t we? Why did the township attorney and the clerk at the time run continuous interference when a taxpayer was inquiring in to this matter? Even going so far as supplying a adding machine tape with a single and even number as the accounting. 
What about the stories mentioned about the children  bragging about “pocketing” the proceeds?
Just so the DOG understands, by passing the “tongs” the township, its legal representation and the treasurer can escape any repercussions, legal, ethical or otherwise of the mysterious accounting practices or lack of? The blocking of FOIA request & stonewalling them? Supplying phony receipts? This is how the township operates? Mental Mi$fits in charge.


Click Here     SHOW ME THE MONEY!

Since the DOG can't answer any of the legal questions involved in this matter and it seems neither can or will the township attorney or elected officals, the DOG offers a community service of supplying the telephone numbers for to you. Ask away as it is your Government, Local, State & Federal. One of these three may even be interested in the "forced donation practice" especially if the proceeds were pocketed and NOT ACCOUNTED FOR !  

FBI Detroit Field Office
(313) 965-2323

State Bar of Michigan
Phone: (517) 346-6300
Toll Free: (800) 968-1442

US Internal Revenue Services
(313) 628-3670
(These guys really like to find out about un-reported income). 

Did I hear at the meeting that over a 17% increase in water and sewer rates was passed & then it was mentioned to only say it is a $1.11 per 1000 "because it sounds better"?  It will still raise your bill over 17% no matter how you say it. Citizens; is that wool getting in your eyes yet? Wait because you will being seeing sheep in a while.

More on salaries will be addressed in the near future. You need to hear the rest of the story!

        It has come to the attention of the DOG that the self proclaimed KING Richard is now trapping muskrats from the pond in front of the township. Earlier we heard he was shooting the geese. All this done without a license or permit. What is wrong with this idiot? Muskrats are totally vegetarian and do not attack anyone. (Maybe because they don’t vote?) You do not have respect for animals or people.  Gee Richard you need to get mentality tested and then double up on your medication before you hurt someone other than yourself.  Now with all that said you need to be careful trapping the muskrats that you don’t accidently catch the treasurer in a muskrat trap!    

After reading the comments from our great leaders I would strongly suggest attending the the Concerned Citizens Committee meetings. Get involved now before it is too late.

Guess which board member this is?
Could it be all of them?

Read the comments from the Plymouth Observer. If this doesn’t bother you then nothing will!

Our Mental Misfits at their best!


From the Plymouth Observer

As Plymouth Township officials look for savings in anticipation of declining tax revenue and state aid in a recessionary Michigan economy, one Board of Trustees member is pushing the three full-time elected officials to slash their pay.

 “We ask our employees to tighten their belts, and I think we as leaders need to tighten our belts,” said Trustee Kay Arnold during Tuesday's board meeting. Arnold and two other trustees, Bob Doroshewitz and Steve Mann, voluntarily cut their own $11,400 yearly pay by 10 percent late last year.

Is Mann offering to return any of his salary he took while attending law school on the township’s time? How about returning some of his present salary due to the most obvious conflict of interest of his law firm receiving business from the township. Gee did this firm also receive business from the township while Mann was supervisor? At what time was he offered his position with this firm while supervisor?

It was the second meeting this summer at which Arnold had raised the issue, and she was met with some pushback Tuesday from the three — Supervisor Richard Reaume, Treasurer Ron Edwards and Clerk Joe Bridgman. Reaume and Edwards said they had already refused 5-percent raises for this year. Edwards said that, proportionally, their loss was greater, close to $5,000, than that of the trustees.

Would someone explain to the DOG how not taking a raise is the same as taking a pay cut?  Do they think they should be rewarded for something? Like driving the township into the ground? Failure? Mismanagement? Maybe we could all apply this logic when it comes time to our property taxes.

“We're not just elected officials in here, we're in here doing a job,” Edwards said later. “The supervisor, the clerk and the treasurer, we've got to take the reins and run with them.”

What kind of misguided comment is this? It seems they have already taken too much and ran with them. What a complete idiot. "We're in here doing a job”. YOU IDIOT!  It’s no wonder you have had no success in your business life but just leach & suck the blood out of the taxpayers. Remember this is the same idiot that didn’t pay his own water bill while collecting everyone else.

Reaume, referring to expired labor contracts, said he would agree to adjust his pay proportionally to what happens to pay in the police and fire departments. Reaume is paid nearly $94,000 a year, Edwards about $87,000 a year.

Well Reaume you are a Mental Misfit, no doubt about it now! Why not adjust your pay to the other township employees that had to take huge cuts for your mismanagement? It is no wonder your company is no longer in business and by the way if you haven’t heard you are not a policeman or fireman, just a Mental Misfit and a taxpayer leach of the worst kind.  You couldn't pass the test to be a cop or firefighter. It’s time to find another job.

Doroshewitz sided with his full-time colleagues, noting the raises they gave up had been previously approved by the township's compensation commission. “That was a real and  a vested raise,” he said. Part-time trustees were not getting raises at the time Reaume and Edwards refused their raises.

Gee Doro do you also want to release that Daniel Herriman voted for a 30% raise for these misfits? Why isn’t this released? That couldn’t be in return for a favorable decision for him on a controversial issue could it? Or is there more?  And Doro start being more considerate to the seniors. Their vote is very important just ask Richard how he has BS them into thinking he is for them.

For his part, Bridgman, who was elected clerk last November after serving as deputy, said he wants to be certain he can legally refuse pay decided upon by the compensation commission. “They set the compensation for the elected officials. We do not,” said Bridgman, who is paid just over $91,000 a year. 
 “Money is not the object here,” added Bridgman, noting his pay jumped when he moved from deputy clerk to clerk. “We need to do it (cut pay) legally and we need to do it ethically and I do not believe this board has done that.”  Township Attorney Tim Cronin said the officials have a right to voluntarily refuse pay; Bridgman said he is seeking an opinion from Attorney General Mike Cox's office.  

Bridgeman the DOG as lost patience with you. Stop the BS. Nobody wants to take a cut in pay. Nobody! Not even the lowly employees that the trustees and mental misfits used as scapegoats. Joe, what is stopping you from just writing a check & donating your salary back? Quit making excuses. Are you next going to ask Obama for his opinion on your salary next? Are you jumping into the same cesspool as the other boardmembers now?

Open call to the treasurer: Are you willing to refund the money you and your family pocketed from picnics past? This money could be used in the general fund immediately. 


The DOG heard that there may be an investigation going on that is above the State level. This stems from the events going back a few years.

In years past the picnic was not carried on the books as a township event nor were there ANY monies deposited or accounted for by the township until recent years.
The lawyer that was involved in helping the cover up is also being investigated.
Claims of pocketing monies by the children of an official are being investigated.

Where did the money go if not into the coffers of Plymouth Township?

Was it worth it? I don’t think passing the baton (tongs) of the picnic duties will exclude any of the liability of certain individuals.

(Receipts are a wonderful thing for accountants, the IRS, and backing up the truth!)

The Year 2014

This was received from an undisclosed person inside the offices of the township.
So Ron are you in agreement with the following statements? Was this from your office?

And why hasn’t the officials STILL not taken a cut in pay?  Because they don’t have to if they make the rules! Rules only apply to others.

"The audit was posted last Fri afternoon.  Looks like the Twp will be broke in five years or less if they maintain a balanced budget with declining revenue and more budget cuts.

This year with GASB 45, government units have to account for future health care costs for retirees and the Twp listed  2.3 million for 2008.  That leaves a net worth of 12.3 million.  I presume from the report presented to the Twp in February that this has to occur every year and the Twp has no funds to put into account to cover this future expense so they have to list it as an unfunded liability."

I received this email (see below) from a concerned citizen. The DOG thinks this citizen makes a lot of sense. Great idea if you could remove the politics on why it won’t happen. We need more people like this to support the community. Maybe even run for office against the mi$fit$ we have now. It’s not too early to find some good qualified people willing to run. How about some retirees that came from professional occupations? Are successful people allowed to run for office in the township?

What a concept? Make the Township profitable without additional expense of tax payers money!


The DOG heard that Ron Edwards has recently threatened the police officers that if they are caught talking to the DOG they will have to turn over their badges & guns to him. Gee Ron is there something you don't want to get out? Isn't this a little bit of Abuse of Power?

Wow Ron, are you qualified to control and possess firearms now?

Well let the DOG dig into his police file for a comment:

*  Ron Edwards has repeatedly driven reckless all over the township like he owns it, for the past several years, only to be pulled over multiple times by multiple officers in the township.  Each time he would make excuses and try to get the officers in trouble for doing their jobs.

Whoa Ron does this really happen?

No Leadership Skills! No Respect! Lack of Accountability

The Dog hears that instead of hiring a new qualified fire Chief  the supervisor will place his acting chief in the open spot to get the heat off him. Well Supervisor is this acting chief qualified? The DOG hears this pick is not up to the standards of other communities. Lets start with education; Master degree? Bachelor degree? Associate degree? High School degree?. Will this chief be responsible for the fire department budget? Or will this just be another pawn in the Mann, Edwards control of the township?

An employment posting for chief in a local newspaper:
Over see day-to-day operations, oversee a multi-million dollar budget, be responsible for grant writing, over see training, be able to convey to the public and his management what exactly a fire department needs to safely and efficiently serve its public, and establish and maintain a non-volatile / harmonious working environment.

Plymouth Township Politics at its best.

They must think this is Chicago. Are they going to start fixing the elections next? Could be.

Selling Tax Exemption Certificates! Oh excuse me trading them for Ronnie’s private picnic scam.  OK board members where are your voices now? Are all of you condoning these tactics? If so everyone of you should be removed from office. [Bring a check & get what you want from the board?]

The DOG would like any board member to go on the record against this practice! Kelly? Bridgeman? Arnold? Do I hear anything? 

Click here to Learn how to bribe your local government in one easy lesson! Sit back & watch how it's done & how it's accepted by the mi$fit$. BRING YOUR CHECK IN & GET WHAT YOU WANT.

When is enough enough?  After they raise your taxes.
20-20 Hindsight folks.

I received many emails asking just what the heck the DOG was talking about in reference to a TAX increase coming to Plymouth TownshipWell folks I hope you all enjoy the Mann Palace! You are paying for it and the inexperience and bad judgment from Mann.  Now quit shooting the messenger! You could start attending the citizen's committee meeting.

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Little Mann Palace (money pit)

And to think from our favorite bicycle cop turned supervisor turned uh lawyer. (Thank goodness he has thrown away his red shirt. It must have been pretty rank from the number of days he wore it at every photo shoot for what like every picture for 5 years?)

This should be the little Mann Palace!

Follow the link (below) and read it in its entirety. Now ask yourself if Edwards has been manipulating the system on this and covering it up AND having the township legal counsel also covering it up WHAT ELSE IS HE DOING AT YOUR EXPENSE?  (Gee our own little Kwame of Plymouth Township). Don't think so? Wait for future postings then you decide!

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"The Rest of the Story"         

 Ronnie's Private Picnic Scam

Actually the Dog heard that the supervisor have given orders to the acting chief to write up anything he can against the fire fighters. This still stems from the lack of support given to the supervisor from his own employees. Kind of makes you wonder doesn't it.  Did Richard apply this technique to his own business?  If you can’t garner the support from your own employees what does that tell you? Do you think that the rest of the employees at the township hold you in high regard Richard? Great leadership! Maybe you can lead another lawsuit at the taxpayers expense.

Do you want to know about the picnic in more detail? Click this link for an in depth look at the smoke & mirror shell game that the treasurer has been playing for years. This is YOUR elected official. 

This tells it so much better than the Dog ever could.

To the Residents of Plymouth Township: You better start caring NOW!
Take the time and all of read this!

Now call Mr. Edwards with your questions! Or maybe contact Mr. Mann to ask about covering this up for the last 8 plus years. Where did these guys ever succeed? How about the entire board? Are they all becoming mi$fit$ or is it that they just can't speak?

Is the township going broke?

Things that the newspaper do not report. And they wonder why all of the newspapers are going bankrupt! Maybe they are run by the mi$fit$ that are pulling the wool over the public’s eyes in the township. Or are the rumors true that for 8 years payments have been made to the past reporter of the local newspaper?

Time to act?
Just a matter of time!

Why has the board been so quiet on the reduction of their salaries?
Is it just easier to point your finger at the employees, blame their mismanagement on them while forcing them to take a large reduction?

The Dog thinks that in these times the lack of leadership shouldn’t count as an excuse. All elected members of the board should take an immediate cut in salary of 20%. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. All of you!

Arnold, Bridgeman, Kelly; if you admit that the township is run by Edwards & Mann and you do nothing about it then resign from your elected positions.  To cower in fear and Not Do the Right Thing is a total slap in the face to the residents and the taxpayers who voted you into office.
And Bridgeman & Kelly you also need to take your salary reduction!

Dickie; Explain your success in the private sector? We understand you had your own business. Is it true you were and still are a complete failure? From what the Dog hears you are so anal you need to do everybody’s job in the township for them. Try doing your own first. Leadership is definitely not one of your attributes.  

Ronnie; why do you shakedown vendors and businesses in the township? Do you believe this is the right approach for good relationships with the community businesses? Is it you just don’t get paid enough from the taxpayers? The Dog has received numerous emails detailing everything from your forced donations to your functions and directly to your family. An example would be why would you invite total strangers (that happen to be  township vendors) to your child’s graduation party? This smacks of corruption at its worst you misfit. Where was your success before collecting your taxpayers salary? The Dog heard you failed on your own businesses. More lawsuits of something? Thankfully it was not on the township's dime.

Our newspaper not only fails to report the news...
but especially the truth.

Question: Have you EVER taken any kickbacks from the vendors of Plymouth Township?

: Was a sexual harassment suit filed against Ron Edwards? Did the township have to pay a large settlement plus the legal bills associated with it? Or did Ron Edwards pay this from his pocket? Guess. Why was this brushed under the rug? Wouldn’t this be grounds for dismissal and removal in most any workplace in America? (Wife & kids must be proud!)

How many whistle blowers suits were results of Ron Edwards? How about the Harvey suit? Again a large settlement of $200,000+Plus was paid in addition to the legal bills. More to come in the future. 

It may be old news but it is still unbelievable to most people. The treasurer Failed To Pay His OWN Water Bill for Many Years claiming ignorance. Now remember this is the person in charge of collecting YOUR water bill! Guess what? The board magically erased this debt.

While we are still on Ron the Dog would like him to explain: His campaign promise of "Term Limitations". Does this not apply anymore? How about the issuance of bonds? Remember "Government Credit Cards!"

Stevie; Where does the Dog start? Your experience or lack of it got the township in this predicament? For starters you went to law school full time while collecting your salary as the Plymouth Township Supervisor. This is really unethical Stevie. Under your watch the legal suits from employees accumulated at an alarming pace.  We all remember your criticisms of past supervisors but your actions speak for themselves.  Your lack of leadership, lack of experience and total disregard has done nothing but lead the township into your cesspool of debt.

The Dog thinks it is very interesting that the law firm that was chosen to do the profitable bond work was the firm that Mann works for.  No conflict yet? How about that Stevie was hired by this firm while he was still the supervisor who was steering work to the same firm that hired him?  Now a conflict? Why not any competitive bids? In the real world a minimum a three bids would be required. Wouldn’t competitive bids save Plymouth Township money?  Stevie what is the future debt of Plymouth Township and how does it pertain to the Mann Palace decision? And your business plan was what?  Lack of experience, lack of leadership, arrogance and misdirection at the expense of the taxpayer!  How are you going to get out of this one Stevie?

The Dog suggest the hiring of professionals that are trained in their field to operate the township in a professional manner. This could be done at a much reduced rate than what these mi$fit$ are paying themselves. Plus the hired professionals would be accountable! What a concept!

What is the difference in debt from say 8 years ago to what it will be in 2015? Ask this question. Look at the financials. You have every right to ask these questions.

Will your taxes go up in the coming years?

Will they have to go up in the coming years to pay the debt?

Ask your Plymouth Township Trustee! The Dog will guarantee they do. Read the latest financial reports!

Wake Up before it's too late people. Become informed now!

For too long the board of trustees have either kept quiet or have continued the practice of sweeping the dirt under the rug. Why? Every resident & taxpayer should be asking these elected officials that same question, WHY

So was the letter sent from Tedder Consulting to then supervisor Steve Mann ever addressed by Mann or the board?

Why not? Does Steve Mann condone these actions? Evidently he does with this issue and many more. Does the board condone the actions past and present of the treasurer? Is this just another example of Mann’s unethical behavior of not doing the right thing? Mann’s so called leadership has turned out to be a total failure at the taxpayers expense. Just another example of no success for theses mi$fit$ on the taxpayer dollar. Stevie do you scam your present employer like you did at the township? Or do you just slide them business from the township while you abstain from voting & think that is all right?

Question 1: Was there a memo from Plante & Moran advising not to build the new township hall for financial reasons? Where is this memo?

Question 2: Is the current financial woes due to the misdirection of spending the taxpayers monies on the township hall?

Question 3: In what year does Plante & Moran predict that Plymouth Township will be broke?  Ask your board members if you think this is untrue.

Just how much have the present board members cost the township in legal actions due to their bad management and failure of leadership?

Over the course of 8 years Plymouth Township has spent well over 1.5 million dollars on settlements for employee lawsuits and legal fees to defend against them.

All of these suits are a result of bad management, bad judgment of board members and the lack of accountability. These same people are still on the board and still making bad decisions.

In fact you as a resident and taxpayer should ask “Just how much are these legal bills?” Or better yet “Who is making these decisions?”

Then you need to look at which board members are getting their campaigns financed by the same people billing Plymouth Township for the outrageous legal fees.

Legal yes, ethical, you decide.

Campaign contributions to be presented in the near future 

Abuse of Power?
You decide. Contact your trustees with your concerns & see what happens!

This is your tax dollar at work!
The treasurer barbecuing at the Township hall on taxpayer's time. Oh and the acting chief is overseeing in case the fire gets out of hand. Hopefully the supervisor is ready with his firetruck & his bell.
                                   MISFIT$ ON YOUR DOLLAR

The question for the month.

True or False

In what other work place would they keep an employee after paying off a sexual harassment suit filed against that employee?
Where are the voices of the other board members? (Kay?)  Per an email to the Dog the newspaper claims no knowledge of a sexual harassment suit ever happening in the township. Why is this?

Contact your township and ask for the details including the settlement paid!
As always get the facts then you decide!

All answers are accepted but the winner gets the dog biscuit

The Dog followed up on the suggestions of looking into the shakedown of local businesses by the treasurer.
What is uncovered is simply a disgusting display of abusing their position for personal gain. Many emails received talked about the fear of retaliation from Edwards. Well I guess that they were right.

True or False Ron?   Dream On

Was this situation a result of not cooperating with the Treasurer’s forced "donations" for an outing obviously orchestrated for personal gain?

If the picnic was a township event why did Edwards write a personal check to pay the lawsuit?

If it was a township picnic why couldn't the requesters receive accounting information under the FOIA? (That will also be posted)

Were all proceeds reported?

If in fact the children of the treasurer received compensation was this reported to the IRS?

And the number one question:

Why are the other trustees allowing this type of behavior and abuse to continue? Call them & ask them.

The Dog leash broke Ron. We have more True or False coming very soon. You really should be ashamed of yourself! This will sort of be like Christmas morning. Not knowing what kind of surprises to expect.  Remember to answer the True or False correctly or you will get a demerit.

Does the Dog smell corruption in this township? You decide. Here is a letter I received.I blanked out sender for the obvious reasons. Everyone is so paranoid of retaliation that it is sickening. After much research the Dogcan without a doubt give an opinion for what it is worth but this guy needs to be stopped.  I will present the FOIA information plus other documents that will prove the unethical behavior if not illegal actions that has been going on. Now this depends on whether someone wants to initiate legal charges against him. As always You decide. Over the course of several weeks you will be presented with the facts. The Dog challenges anyone including the idiots that write into the Observer newspaper under their secret pen names to dispute these facts when they are presented. Go ahead and take your shots at  the messenger but facts are facts and they will be presented. Go ahead and dispute the facts! I understand the writers into the Observer newspaper are actually the several township officials. I have also received phony emails traced back to none other than the same officials. GROW UP & RESIGN you misfits.


Don't you just love # 1 (Government Credit Cards)? What did you just do Edwards? Bonds?
How about #5?
Term Limitations for Local Politicians (No Longer a Career)

Well Ron don't you think your time is up? Maybe way past due?

               NO LONGER A CAREER.
Keep your word & leave before you ruin the township completely.

“Where're the facts? Where's the proof?” Edwards said. “These people are just dreaming things up.”

Well Mr. Edwards you asked and you will receive!

"I've looked at surrounding townships surrounding.(?) Based on population size. I believe that the salary is too high. People who have been able to put salary increases through for their own personal behalf."

-Candidate Ron Edwards. 1992

 Where is your cut in salary & I don't mean by not taking your 09 raise?

Let's play TRUE or False Ron.

Section 11 (4) mentions of filling vacant positions with a temporary appointment that shall not continue for more than 3 months except in case of war.
Perhaps it is the township's position that the Deputy Chief is not "filling" the position but is only acting chief with chiefs pay.

True or False?

Not so, Edwards said. “You can leave that position open forever,”

And how does leaving this position open forever benefit the Township residents Mr. Edwards with YOU deciding not to hire a chief because “YOU can leave that position open forever”? Is that what YOU have decided is best for the community of Plymouth Township?

True or False?

Is it true that most if not all of the employment postings also requested that all applicants have a minimum of at least a bachelor's degree, and most require a master's degree.

An employment posting for chief in a local newspaper:
Over see day-to-day operations, over see a multi-million dollar budget, be responsible for grant writing, over see training, be able to convey to the public and his management what exactly a fire department needs to safely and efficiently serve its public, and establish and maintain a non-volatile / harmonious working environment.

What are the qualifications of the “Acting Chief”?

A trustee recently has said that the supervisor has absolutely no intentions of hiring a chief but will not tell the residents this.

Isn’t this like not paying your homeowners insurance to save money and hoping nothing happens? Is this how the board members operated in the private sector before making a career out of it? 

True or False?
(Ron if you want send your answers into the newpaper. We can wait till Sunday. We have plenty more to come.)

The Dog has been receiving many emails and documents regarding the officials of the township. I have then been following these up to substantiate the facts and truth behind these rumors. The Dog is completely amazed, shockedand totally disenchanted after finding out this information.

The Dog ask where are the other trustees? Stand up and be counted. 9 years of mismanagement is too long.  If your strings are being pulled AND you allow it then resign.You are no good to the taxpayers & residents.It is unacceptable!

Now ask yourself how does this impact the safety of your children, yourself and your property!.

I would love to hear the answers and responses everyone receives from Reaume. (or lack of).

You should then contact every trustee and ask the same thing, WHEN. Then ask yourself WHEN is enough enough? Take back your township! Get involved.

Soon we will be exploring the wonderful world of township campaign financing and contributors. We will let the voters decide the difference of what is legal and what is ethical and what is conflict of interest. It should be interesting if not an eye opener to all.

To show fair and impartial treatment the Dog is going to get away from the fire and safety issues for a while. By no means does this denote we are forgetting the important issues of the lying, the dishonesty, the lack of leadership and the lack of following the laws that our present elected officials are ignoring on these issues.

The word is that the Township of Plymouth has become a joke to the surrounding communities?  Isn’t this great? Another proud moment for our community!

"As recently as last summer a police report for harassment and intimidation was filed by an officer of the fire department against Supervisor Reaume".

Where was the newspaper reporting?

What also was heard by many people was Supervisor Reaume making the threat to the fire department “I’ll get you back” in reference to the fire fighters support of candidate Gonzalez running for office.

Is this the leadership we are paying for?
The Dog thinks not.

What is going on? Is the current administration’s agenda to fight the employees? Is it to attempt to outspend the employee’s clerical bargaining unit in attempted legal battles to collapse the union?
Who makes these decisions?

Who are you going to fight next?
The residents or the business owners?

Is it our so called leaders intentions to continue to destroy any continuity between the management and employees?  

I know of no other business where it is the intention of management to destroy the moral and goodwill of employees. Actually it is usually the reverse and the investment into the employees pays dividends tenfold over in better job performance, loyalty and dedication. 

Let us look at the last two supervisors and the treasurer that has dragged the township into such turmoil over the last 8 years.

Before they took these positions WHAT was their leadership experience? How many employees did they ever supervise?

Are they and did they take advantage of their positions within the Township of Plymouth for selfish, self serving purposes?
You decide!

And the repeated dogged question:
Have they ever been successful in the private sector whether in their own business or some else’s? If the answer is no then why would anyone expect them to find success while their hands are in the wallets of the taxpayers?  Are there any comments Richard, Ron, and Steve? The Dog will print them.

Shouldn’t our government take the approach of business? Someone please tell the Dog which business would put up with this? Maybe monkey business

How much failure do we endure? Where is the money? Who is taking the responsibility? Maybe it is time to discuss recall! If not now then when? Do not wait until it's too late!

AGAIN. Just how successful were these elected people in the private sector before they latched on to taxpayers money? Are we rewarding failure?

Who holds these people accountable? 
Do we deserve leadership? Are we paying for leadership? Are we getting leadship?

Attend a meeting & voice your concerns, opinions and go on record with your questions.

Concern for the community?

Are decisions being made in the best interest of the community?
Are you safe?

Do you think you and your property are adequately protected when it comes to police & fire? This also includes the safety of the residents of the City of Plymouth.

You may want to think again and then contact your elected board members. Better yet go to a meeting and ask your questions on the record.

The Dog also heard that the Supervisor has taken over official training for the fire department and police department? Can this really be true and if so how is he qualified for the training of police & fire? Does this open Plymouth Township up for more lawsuits, possible litigation and extreme legal bills?

Why is the fire department budget not prepared by the Fire Chief (remember no Chief) or Assistant Fire Chief, but the Township Treasurer? This Township Treasurer has during his tenure, dictated to the fire department how much money they will be given when he has no knowledge or expertise in managing a fire department. This has slowly been destroying the moral of the firefighter as well as the ability to train and improve the skill sets of the firefighters”.

Who makes these decisions? Qualified trained and experienced people? You decide!

Why is there no competitive bid for emergency transport (ambulance)? Wouldn’t this be subsidizing a private company by these actions? Could the taxpayers benefit by utilizing the trained, ready and able staff and equipment within our own fire department? Could this help offset any deficiencies in the budget? Could this be used to strengthen the protection that is expected and required?


 Because they can and have learned no one will hold them accountable.

 Question of the week

During the board meetings why when a question is asked during the Public Comment and Questions to the board of trustees is there never an answer and the only response is the “Deer in the Headlight” look from the board?

A Deer in the Headlights

“A mental state of high arousal caused by anxiety, fear, panic, surprise and/or confusion, or substance abuse. A person experiencing the "deer in headlights" syndrome often shows behavioral signs reminding those of a deer subjected to a car's headlights, such as widely opened eyes and a transcient lack of motor reactions.”

Lack of Accountability

Too much abuse has been going on by our elected officials. Everybody thinks of the Washington bureaucrats but fails to realize what is happening in our own community with our elected officials’ right under our own noses.

The positions of Supervisor and Treasurer should be replaced with hired professionals.  If these people do not work out they can be replaced much easier than being stuck with an elected official.

Our elected people have a fiscal responsibility to the residents.

Mismanagement, cronyism and wasteful spending must stop. Hiding the information from the taxpayer is not the answer. There must be accountability. This is not their personal kingdom to operate as THEY see fit. If they are unqualified and can’t succeed in their positions then they should step down.
When is the time to wake up? Our current administration smacks of self-serving agendas and mismanagement. Isn’t it convenient to make their cuts aimed at employees rather than themselves? One week before Christmas they announced certain employees would no longer have a full time employment. What was the criteria that was used to single these people out?

In a past Board Meeting in December Supervisor Reaume said he would “Voluntarily decrease his 2009 salary to an amount equal to his 2008 salary”

Guess what taxpayers? This translates to: “I won’t take the raise I voted myself!”

This is not a reduction in his salary! For what he has done for the township in the “Real Business World” he would have be terminated! 
Just as point of interest just how successful were these elected people in the private sector before they latched on to taxpayers money?
The DOG suggests all officials follow their own lead and reduce their income by the same 25% they imposed on the employees.  Why do the employees always have to pay the debt caused by our incompetent elected officials? Actually the DOG thinks in light of their lack of success they should roll their salaries back four years when they were elected to do a better job.  Why reward for failure?
No matter what you think of our elected leaders it’s important as a citizen and a voter to be informed as to what is really happening within the township and you can’t do that unless you attend meetings or otherwise get involved.

Upcoming Future Features

What are the real reasons the township is not within the budget?

Is the Open Meetings Act being abused?

Was advice given to the township not to build the Mann Palace? And why?

Solicitation of bribery?

Real Job Qualifications?

Full Audit?

 In the very near future the Watchdog will closely examine every elected Plymouth Township official and expose the true facts for the residents to judge for themself. After these facts are presented then please join the Watchdog to stop the abuse. When our local elected officials have their own agenda and are making this their careers, hold on to your wallet. We invite all residents and employees of Plymouth Township to contribute information to the Watchdog. All postings will be held in the strictest of confidence.  

Remember these words for the future... FULL AUDIT.

Friends of the Dog (and residents) to be discuss in the future.

               Who holds these people accountable? 

                                     The residents & taxpayers do
                                   Remember this elected officials!

Watchdog Disclaimer.
 I do not work for, nor have I ever worked for the Charter Township of Plymouth nor do I receive any direct or indirect payment from anyone associated with the Charter Township of Plymouth. The views and information expressed are not necessarily those of the DOG but information given to the DOG.  So do your own due diligence - and take responsibility for your own determinations and decisions – (and your own life in general) good or bad. But most of all take back your community.